What’s wrong with this HOUSE !

Crazy builder mess up (2)Customer Service Alert   “Near Extinction”
(“I work for you, and I’m very thankful for the opportunity”)

Nearly everybody’s a Contractor these days, (that’s obvious by looking at the image I posted) the quality individual whether it be construction, the auto repair shop to the type of medical attention we receive, the humble, hard working, on time, polite, customer driven, “ I work for you and am thankful for the opportunityattitude is one of the best qualities that have dwindled for some time now in the customer service industry. Many of the best builders I know either went into a specific construction trade or the higher end custom home market because they would not build with cheap components to save a penny, thus making it impossible to compete. (you get what you pay for, most all of the time)

I salute many of the old timers (you know who you are) that have forgotten more than many will ever know in their trades.  I honor the time I get with these seasoned veterans, no matter the trade or profession.

The answer:  Look where the driveway leads to, as well as a walkway that was laid along garage where the actual driveway should have been.

Crazy builder mess up (2)

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