Needing a New Roof ? This List Can Help.



Speak with several contractors

1)      Get Estimates – Don’t let a few hundred dollars decide on a project that will cost several thousand. Many Contractors offer free estimates. 

2)      Research Credentials – Do a Google search, type company name-complaints and see what pop’s up. Verify they are licensed and insured. (Check business web-site)

3)      Review  Contract and Warranties – Read and review contract and prepare any questions on areas you don’t understand. Workmanship should be guaranteed for at least 5 years and the roofing materials should come with a 20 year or more warranty.

4)      Make sure your roofer gets a permit – Have them take care of this for you. This is commonplace and should be expected.

5)      Do not pay in full upfront – Always pay with a credit card and do not pay in cash, in worst case scenario you will have a much better chance to recoup any monies without expensive litigation.  It is an acceptable practice for a deposit to be made in good faith, and then establishing a payment schedule. (Some companies require no deposit.)20150529_113032


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