Here’s a helpful way to check for any damage from the storm.

With the high winds and rain that affected the greater Memphis area the other day, some are still dealing with fallen trees and roof damage from limbs and the high winds.

High winds can tear and remove shingles, leaving the roof deck, old shingles or underlayment exposed to the elements.

Hail can leave dents in shingles, breaking down or dislodging the protective granules that protect your roof against the elements (Sun and rain).

Draper Consulting Service recommends you do not attempt to inspect the roof by walking on. If you suspect damage, we recommend you contact us or another professionally licensed and insured contractor.


Here’s a helpful way to check for any damage from the storm;

  1. Walk around the perimeter of home and take note of the roof above for any damage. Look for any torn, missing or curled shingles. (take photographs)
  2. Check gutters – check for any loose gutters, or sections that are not allowing the water to drain properly. (Good time to add some gutter extensions to direct water further away from the foundation of the home)
  3. Check windows (screens, glass)
  4. Also, look around property, such as any exterior belongings like furniture, decorations and landscape lighting. Check Patio’s, Deck’s, Pool’s, Spa’s and equipment.
  5. On Interior of home, check your attic and ceilings closely for any signs of moisture, although the roof may appear intact, unseen damage may have caused leaks that can lead to problems later. (water leaks tend to appear around light fixtures) Check the attic closely, pay special attention to any vent penetrations to the exterior.

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