Child injuries related to the increased presence of larger televisions around the world.


Consumer Product and Safety Commission recently launched “Anchor It!” – a national public education campaign to prevent furniture and TV tip-overs from killing and seriously injuring children. This is one of the top hidden hazards in the home, and CPSC’s new safety campaign is aimed at reducing the number of deaths and injuries from tipping furniture and TVs.

Falling-TV-copyRecent studies performed in 7 different countries revealed that falling televisions caused harm to Tens of thousands of youngsters. Due to their small stature, there is a greater risk that when the television falls, the head will be the first part of the body to get hit. Many of the accidents were preceded by the child colliding with or attempting to climb the piece of furniture serving as a base, thus, we at Draper Consulting Service recommend preventative measures include securing the television to the wall. Tethers, anchors, and L brackets are a few of the inexpensive and readily available means suggested.

It’s also advised that large screens be placed on lower furniture instead of pieces that are tall, or too small and unstable.

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