Asthma Can Be Made Worse By Dirty Electricity

37 Children Had Asthma Attacks in This Schoolasthma blog

Imagine you are a student in a classroom at school and you suddenly have an asthma attack. That’s pretty frightening!

In one elementary school in Wisconsin, there were several students who were having asthma attacks as well as cough, shortness of breath, wheezing and the feeling of a gripping sensation in the chest. Luckily for them, the principal knew who to call. She called someone who understood about harmful electromagnetic fields in the home and had an inspector come out.
37 Children Had Asthma Attacks in This School

The inspector found plenty of dirty electricity and high electromagnetic radiation that was affecting the children, worsening their asthma symptoms.

What is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty electricity occurs when electrical appliances and wiring pulses at alternating currents and sends out disruptions in the flow of electricity, otherwise known as electrical transients. It’s what is produced when you plug in most electrical appliances.

WiFi is now ‘piped’ into the classrooms in many schools now as well. WiFi is another insult onto children and teachers since WiFi is radio wave frequency. Radio waves travel through the body and damage cells in the process.

There’s another influence on all those who are in the school – cell phones and cell phone towers. Unfortunately, schools are signing contracts for 20 to 30 years to allow cell phone companies to place their towers on school grounds. Schools make money with these leases, and by signing a contract, they are held to uphold the agreement.

The problem is that there will be many teachers and students who will start getting sick from the electromagnetic radiation. The frequency of these illnesses starts showing up in three years.

Immense Turnaround in the Students With Asthma

In the Wisconsin school, 37 students were on asthma inhalers at the beginning of the study. The EMF experts neutralized the dirty electricity with Graham Stetzer filters plugged into the electrical outlets and 34 of the students were able to stop using inhalers. The three that still needed the inhalers only needed them during a lot of physical activity, as activity can trigger an asthma attack in some people.

This type of success is unheard of in medical clinics. Perhaps it’s because the medical doctors are looking at the disorder incorrectly.
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Why is There More Asthma?

Dirty electricity has increased since the 1980s, just as the incidence of asthma has risen. Some researchers believe that the body’s reaction to dirty electricity is similar to an allergy reaction and can cause asthma. That’s because inflammatory substances such as histamines and cytokines are produced from high EMF. Cell phone radiation produces histamine in mast cells, which can also trigger asthma.

People may be sensitive to EMF, and in fact, some experts estimate that 50% of the population is mildly affected while up to 8% are severely affected.

If asthma is something you or your child has, don’t expect to outgrow it. Go searching for the cause. Dirty electricity may be involved.

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